Efrain Jesús Rojas Mata: Changing Our Mood: Easy Daily Habits to Feel Healthy

There are important things we cannot ignore in order to have healthy body and mind like exercise and our eating habits; however, not everything is related to that. Part of our work and effort to live a happy and healthy life depends on other habits in our daily routines. Keep reading and discover some easy daily things you can put in practice to start feeling healthy.

  • Make one deep breath or maybe more

In order to subdue stress, you will need to inhale deeply, so that your belly balloons but your chest stays still. Then try slowly exhaling through your mouth until your stomach empties, and repeat the process one more time or the times you need to.

[Efrain Jesus Rojas Mata]: Make a deep breath
[Efrain Jesus Rojas Mata]: Make a deep breath

Living in huge mess has been lately linked to over-eating. In order to cut down on the mess and other bad habits at home, start organizing a corner of your place and go on. It’s easy and healthy.

It is never a bad moment to start going to the gym. Try paying for some aerobics, yoga classes, or other type of activities and soon you’ll feel great and with enough energy to workout at the gym 3 -4 times a week at least.

[Efrain Jesus Rojas Mata]: Workout for great benefits
[Efrain Jesus Rojas Mata]: Workout for great benefits
  • Drink some wine with your dinner

Researches have shown that moderate drinking ups your chances of living a longer, healthier life. So, consider have a glass of your favorite wine at dinners and enjoy!

It is well known that people who have sex once or twice a week have more than 20 percent more infection-fighting antibodies in their saliva than those who get busy less often. So, go ahead and practice more of what you like the most!

  • See the stars

[Efrain Jesus Rojas Mata]: Relax and see the stars
[Efrain Jesus Rojas Mata]: Relax and see the stars
There are some nights that are just breathtaking. Try looking up to the heavens and feel how your life gets renewed and fresh.

By [Efrain Jesus Rojas Mata].


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