Efrain Jesús Rojas Mata: Why You Should Practice Yoga? Benefits and Positive Effects

Even though it may look as simple trending topic in today’s fitness world, yoga has a very interesting and powerful history and benefits that we cannot ignore. Yoga is an ancient practice with origins back thousands of years in what we know today as India. This practice has as a main objective to help achieve a more positive outlook on life and a focused, permanent sense of serenity and peace. However, many of us have forgotten about the spirituality and focus of yoga, so that most people think of it as a group of amazing athletic guys putting their legs behind their heads and unbelievable positions. Although this may be achieve, the meaning and bases of yoga go deeper. Keep reading and discover the benefits and positive effects of yoga.

Know your body

Yoga stretches and exercises are designed, so that your body experiments movements to increase its strength and durability. Doing yoga regularly will really get you to be much more connected to your body and know when something is really working and when it is not.

Enhance you breathing technique

A big part of yoga -if not the most important part- is the breathing exercises, called pranayama in the original language Sanskrit, which should be as fluid as positions and then on their own during your everyday activities. These breathing techniques encourage a more focused methods of effective stress-management and generally make you feel much better.

[Efrain Jesus Rojas Mata]: Concentration and relaxation
[Efrain Jesus Rojas Mata]: Concentration and relaxation

Change your life through meditation

Meditation is the key to all things when talking about yoga. Even if you can do every kind of complicated pose, it will lose all of its meaning if it is not done with focus and thought. And so is the effect in the rest of the things you do every day. Yoga will help you meditate even in the most stressing or difficult moments of your life and this will definitely change the way you see your problems and how to solve them.

Help you do great workout

[Efrain Jesus Rojas Mata]: Everyone has the chance to practice
[Efrain Jesus Rojas Mata]: Everyone has the chance to practice

Obviously, yoga is also a fantastic workout for your body. If you adapt the practices to your own speed and level of comfort, you won’t have any problem. No matter which type of yoga positions and exercises you choose, the practices will always be part of a great workout routine.

[Efrain Jesus Rojas Mata]: Change your life with yoga
[Efrain Jesus Rojas Mata]: Change your life with yoga

Finally, remember that people of sizes, shapes, ages, conditions and abilities can do yoga and adapt it to suit their individual needs. Don’t be afraid and start your first yoga practices today!

By [Efrain Jesus Rojas Mata].


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