Efrain Jesús Rojas Mata: What to Eat to Be Ready to Exercise

Many people fail in their workout routines because their bodies are not ready to receive some pressure and make the effort needed to have the best results. Part of that responsibility depends on what you eat before and after the workout. Today, we thought it would be a nice idea to give you some food recommendations to consider hours before you go to the gym or make some exercise and after your practices and workout sessions.

  • Day one:

Before: Greek yogurt and peanuts and dried fruits

This is a great snack before long runs or bike rides since it is good and light to your stomach and you won’t feel heavy at all. Healthy sugars from dried fruits provide quick energy boost while nuts will keep insulin levels from dropping mid-workout. Remember not to exaggerate with the quantity you eat because they take longer to digest.

Greek yogurt and trail mix

After: Grilled chicken and vegetables

After your long run or your tiring bike ride, your body needs to recover. The lean protein and carbohydrates that chicken provides you will fill you up. And vegetables in olive oil will help you maintain your body in good shape.

  • Day two:

Before: smoothies

Smoothies are an amazing option in your go way to the gym. They are not only easy to prepare but have great benefits to provide. Use your favorite fruit, a cup of Greek yogurt and some granola for a thicker consistency. And you don’t need to go overboard, consider 10 to 20 grams of protein before you go to the gym and it’s going to be just fine!

After: tuna and hummus sandwich

Healthy recipes after workout

This is a good recipe for those who exercise after lunch. Tuna is low in calories and high in protein and carbohydrates. On the other side, hummus is much better that mayo or mustard and gives you the fiber you need.

  • Day three:

Before: oatmeal and protein powder

Oatmeal is a good choice before the workout to prep your body for some effort and it also avoids training on an empty stomach. It’s a smart nutritional choice that will support your training goals. And protein powder is the fuel of big-bodied muscle.

After: salmon and potatoes

Powerful foods

Salmon is a powerful food full of protein and omega-3s. If you pair your salmon with a side of potatoes, which are high on the GI, you will get a great balanced dish with a hearty serving of glucose-giving carbohydrates.


-Efrain Jesus Rojas Mata


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