Efrain Jesús Rojas Mata: Easy Tips to Start Going to the Gym

What to Know in the Gym: The Beginners Guide

Because we know your objective in life is to have a healthy body and mind, we suppose one of your priorities is to get fit. No matter if you used to visit the gym and left it for any reason or if you are new in this thing of going to the gym, today we wanted to show you some easy tips to help you do this easier. Keep reading and discover these tips to help you maintain your fitness spirit for months and even years.

Eating the right way at the right moment

Eating and timing

When going to the gym there are two things you cannot skip: timing and eating. In case you are too full when working out, you get cramps, and, on the contrary, if you are hungry, your body won’t give the hardest. Prepare some pre-gym snacks and eat those 30 to 90 minutes before going to the gym. These snacks should be easily digestible, with 40 to 100 gr. of carbohydrates and low amount of fat.

No pick times for you

Avoid pick times

Usually, gyms get crowded, so, in order to have a proper visit to the gym, it is better for you to avoid pick times such as right before work, lunchtime, and after office hours. Midmorning and midafternoon are the perfect moments to work out at the gym.

Asking for help is good

Ask for help

When starting your daily exercises, it is normal to be confronted with a machine that you do not understand or which methods are confusing for you. Don’t worry. Avoid skipping it or doing something that you do not do properly since you can end up with unpleasant injuries. Instead, ask for help. Gyms always have trainers ready to help you to work out with the gym’s equipment.


-Efrain Jesus Rojas Mata


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