Efraín Jesús Rojas Mata read: From the Bride to the Guests

Well, we’re right in the middle of wedding season – and fall weddings rising in trend, it doesn’t look like the nuptials are going to stop anytime soon. Whether your the bride to be or a guest’s plus one, weddings are stressful and of course, you always want to look and feel confident! But you... Continue Reading →


Efraín Jesús Rojas Mata read: 5 Healthy Summer Potluck Dishes to Please Any Crowd

Whether you’re headed to a picnic, a pool party, or a barbeque, one thing is for sure – potluck season is in full swing! And while everyone loves a tray of bars or the midwest classic “snicker salad”, potlucks are a great place to try new, healthier recipes. Below are five options to shake up your... Continue Reading →

Efrain Jesús Rojas Mata: Timeless muscle

We’ve uncovered the Fountain of Youth. Turns out, it’s not really a fountain at all—the real secret of perpetual youth is a three-step approach consisting of regular exercise, maintaining proper testosterone and growth hormone levels, and taking in the right nutrients to keep your body running at its best. Sticking with this formula, especially as... Continue Reading →

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